If you see any of my creations and would like one made or if I still have it in my stock. I'd be happy to sell it and am available for commission anytime. My Email is in the sidebar.

Monday, May 21, 2018

2 New ATC Cards + a chance to WIN

The Challenge at Incy is an Easy one make an ATC (2.5 by 3.5 inch card)  Tag or Bookmark 

Here's what I made with Limited Runs Images 
Insane Girl ( One who is away from her crafting supplies for too long)
and Fish 1, I love cartoon style fish 
They have both been coloured using watercolours so for those who didn't think you could get a digital image and use water colours you can!!! 
Fish 1 is the original image that the digital image was made from.

Anything Goes @
artistic inspirationsColour Inspiration, Colour Crazy 
Crafting with friends, Jo's Scrap Shack
Simply Papercraft 

Also if you want a chance to win some of my artwork I can use all the help you can please click on the link below and like my mermaid painting 
You must like of love it to count if I make top 3 It will be mailed to a random person that helped me out
Please help me out  by liking or loving my picture

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


My Newest Watercolour painting
Mermaid with her Lantern Fish
If I make it into the top 3 I will be mailing this to someone that liked it !!
Here's my desk this week  the painting above I will be giving away and some new digital images I plan on working on soon along with all my colouring supplies in a quick reach from my chair the tea I'm drinking today is "Chocolate Banana Mate" 
The Envelope upside down is being posted to Shaz !!! for the upcoming swap 

So WOYWW ATC Swap Update 
everyone who I swapped early they have all been posted off 
Angela, My name is Cindy, Sarah B. and Neet they have all been posted off to you all.
Sending 6 to Julia to send to a few she's swapping with also
 Mailed off two to on last Sunday to Twiglet and Wipso.
Mailing one off to Shaz tomorrow :) 

if I get more then one request I'm sure I can paint up a few more no problem as I'm an ATC Junkie these days

Hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Happy Woyww Well the white paper in the middle will be my new art giveaway for the month once I finish it. It is taking long time to make but it's those tiny little details in it
The fish is one from my shop I'm sponsoring a challenge and working on it to get it ready of course it's an atc lol Seems I'm addicted to them at the moment.My little clip board that I doodle on in front of the telly it's just the right size for me
I have a lot on the go at the moment a few more reviews I'm working on a coffee hop coming up later this month and still redoing all my shop ...there are so many digital image to resize to make it all new so I will be so happy when I'm done with that. 

ATC's Swapped Angela, My name is Cindy, Sarah B. and Neet they have all been posted off to you all. Sending 6 to Julia to send in as extras for her swaps ( I know Jan and I think Delores are getting 1 for sure)
Edit  Mailed off two to on Sunday to Twiglet and Wipso.
Have 3 left to swap and one for who ever is below me on the list
If more want to swap I'm sure I can make a few extra they are jyst so much fun to see what everyone makes

That's all Hugs Nikki 
Will try my darnest to get around and visit you all that pop in 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Fly me away!!!

Our challenge it things that fly and this little guy is doing just that you can grab this Polkadoodle image here . I 've coloured this digi using Watercolours and she turned out cute.

Anything Goes @
Artistic Inspirations  , Use your Stuff ,  Polka Doodles , Simply Papercraft

613 Ave Create AG +lots of blue
Challenge up your Life - Watercolours
Crafty Friends - Animals

Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Well happy WOYWW. I've mailed out all those that requested to trade with me , I still have to find out from Julia on how many  people live close to pop off some spares to her. Will be ordering more stamps for sure now.  I'm just playing around with watercolours and slowly painting, and also started to redo my little digital image
shop which is taking a long time to do but will be well worth it when I'm finished .

Thanks for popping in 
Hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Happy Woyww everyone,
Here is my space this week, I decluttered it up a little just by putting my all of the stuff I had out and put it where it belonged.  Now my space looks sparse but I do like it this way when I start painting or I will knock it over or wear it lol.
So I'm still on a making act's. I  have a them all set up to trade for Woyww #9 . I mailed off two already and am going to mail out to Julia for those that live close to her. So if you would like one let me know and I will pop them in the post.

Thanks for popping in 
Hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Happy WOYWW well here's my space and this Pad of paper that I was lucky to have received was WAY BIGGER then I thought it is huge so many things I will be doing with this it's 19 inch by 24  almost as big as my little desk and some new watercolour pencils to play with too along with a 12 pack of pastels somewhere on my desk too 
For an artist to get some new pencils and papers sent to you it's a dream I tell you just amazing!!

You can see my little pastel is waiting to for the end of the month to see if it will find it's new 

 Close up of 2 of my new ATC's I have just got today in the mail LOVE THEM !!
they came all the way from Malaysia to add into my growing collection.

thanks for visiting and I managed to visit everyone that left a comment last week YAH!!! 
So I will do my best again this week and catch you all later time to play with some new toys 
hugs Nikki

Spots 2 ways

This Time around at Incy Wincy are challenge is all about the spots and dots so here is what I have made this round using Fabrika Fantasy , Flying Elf . That dragon is too cute !!!

I've coloured this up with watercolours and the dots are my markers :)

Crafty Cardmakers - Water
Path of Positivty - Anything Positive
2 Crafty Critter Crazies - Critter
Love to Craft - AG

Next Card is using Cute as a Button , Vintage Swimsuit, and I just used dots a little less but still you are pulled into the washi tape and the Brad that matches it perfectly it was a happy accident :)
Coloured this up with water colours and pastels 

Not Just Cards- AG
Creates and Makes - AG #19
Pinspirational - AG #213
Retarte AG #119

Thank you for looking
hugs Nikki

I also have a free digi you can snag At Limited Runs HERE till May 1st 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WOYWW and Need some Lovin to WIn !!


Here's my space today and I need your help again if you would be so kind as to go like my little Pastel this time over at Facebook Like it or Love it and of course I'll pick a random person to win this picture again . Last winner was Amanda Willard she left a like so the space scene went to her . This challenge is more about Water so I thought to check out a you tube video and this is what I came up with it's 6 by 4.5 inches so will mail it anywhere. This has been sealed over a couple times I was Getting chalk everywhere nothing says artist then it all over your hands and face lol.
(If I get a lot of Likes and Loves and manage to get in the top 3 I'll Be giving this away too)
So space got tided up a bit seeing the DH was saying it's looking really cluttered and your stuff hasn't been all put away for a while which was true. Art Supplies can collect quickly around us and then you tuck them all away and your amazed at all the spare space you have so I have 10 ATC's done for the swap so far Going to make a few more to send to Julia if I can too.
So I need Sarah Brennan and My Name is Cindy Snail Mail so I can post one out to you.
Elusionary60 at Hotmail. com

thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Happy Woyww well here is my space today and Some lovely ATC's that arrived and One from Vikki
From Woyww #8 it's put in to my collection she remembered that we swapped I totally forgot that I sent one out. So it was sweet and it came with the sweet donut card to go with it
 FYI The Drink is Mocha Decaf  Coffee.
My review for the ChalkOla Markers is Here comes with a discount code too.
Please Check it out.

 Close up of some of my swapped ATC's the Travel one is from Vikki Love it !!! 
the others from a swap group

Thanks for peeking at my space 
I'll try to get around 

hugs Nikki

Monday, April 2, 2018

ChalkOla Markers & a Discount code

ChalkOla Markers
Click on the name to go to their site
Have you heard about these Markers ??
These are a non toxic chalk marker that have some really bold and bright colours to play with and if you use a non porous surface they wipe off super easy. Now the set I'm playing with today is
16 Pack 10 chalk markers with a bonus + 6 Metallic markers.  In Canada get buy them from Amazon there is a discount at the end of this.
So let me show you what they can do I grabbed a sheet of glass and went to town on it and thought it would be fun to try a bold little picture. I went for a jelly fish and coloured it up and also used a paint brush with a little water on it to blend the chalks together and they are water based so they just blend like watercolours.  I did colour both sides of the glass to get this effect. The 1st picture is me showing how it all looks done the 2nd is me seeing how easy it cleans up window cleaner and it gone so now I have a clean sheet of glass to make something else up.
Warning about working on glass, the markers will rub off super easy on your
 hands so always hold it by the edges unless you want colourful hands. 

Next I made a little coffee sign up on the glass this time I used the metallic colours to create all the stars they sparkle just right. The picture does not do them justice that's for sure 

Here are all the colours on a black glossy paper they really pop and you can still see the black one too
Once dry these don't rub off like the glass at all but this surface is porous so it's fine I just wanted to show how bold and beautiful these colours are against black.
Let me show you an ATC I created using the markers with some water to create this background on Watercolour paper and it worked out really great might look a little messy but that's what I was looking for using water with these really takes them up a notch and allows you to blend them and also add a little transparently to them which adds so much depth. Turned out Pretty.

Even better here is a discount for all the Chalkola Products too . Can you say SWEET!!

Coupon Code - 15OFFINF

6mm Pens - https://www.amazon.ca/Chalkola-Chalk-Markers-Metallic-Colors/dp/B00PM473TK

More about the Chalk Markers -> https://www.chalkola.com

the Product:


The Markers are used on Non Porous Surfaces only (So its best to test a small area). Like - Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Windows. 


reason being that Porus surfaces have small holes that can absorb the liquid chalk ink and sometimes it gets difficult to completely erase them.


markers can be used on Chalkboard paint but many customers have found it difficult to erase them as paint usually makes the surface porous and absorbs chalk ink. In case they do not erase - you can either repaint or use magic eraser.


Chalk markers as a medium have high density Chalk Ink, due to which new markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time – Once used the ink flows smoothly.

Thanks all for reading
My Review and may you grab a set to enjoy.

Hugs Nikki
The product was given to me to test out but all of this review is my own opinion.

For "FOX" Sake

I forgot to post this up so really the card title is just perfect DUH !!!This image is from Bugaboo so I thought I'd at least share it with you all I loved colouring this up and making this card it was fun the challenge was to only use 3 colours and I did :) 


thank you for looking
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Happy WOYWW !!! I have no idea where the week went I just blinked and it went by. So I'm going to be a doing a product review after I play with some Chalk O La Markers. I've just started that blue green something in the corner so it will take a little time to mess around with them and see how they are so far I'm having fun with them.  The markers are on my big kick there the big chunky ones but would be great on a chalk board for sure.

Sorry if I didn't get around to you all last week 
I'll do better this one 

hugs Nikki 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I entered a contest on Facebook to create a space theme using watercolours I created this but It needs help to make it into the top 3 with as many likes and Loves as possible please go over and like this  for me PLEASE!!! Link to --- >;My Picture to like 

I will create a little Happy mail for someone if I get into the top 3 :)

 Now onto my desk
As you can see I'm making ATC's Up and I've been in a mood to  just paint these days it seems so this has been a fun making them I'm working on some for the swap in May I know to early but last year I almost missed it.  So it looks like there will be random creations sent all over the place I think the Jellyfish and now the Emu or Ostrich will be the winners plus a few random OOAK's up . 

Close Up the Jelly Fish stack up top , Black and White tree I just traded it to add into my collection,
the frog I just won that stamp LOVE IT!!! from Holley Cat and Dog I'm working on and the Bee Digi which I did not forget is almost done just have to tweak it a little

So that's it for now
hugs Nikki

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


So Happy WOYWW well here is my space again. I'm in the middle of making more ATC, not for the WOYWW swap yet seeing I have 2 more months. I do have one done for it, seeing I knew it started with an M the month the swap was in. LOL Those who are on my list will be on it still and I will add in a bunch more for those who want to swap with me :)
Sorry I didn't make it around to everyone last week. I don't know where the week goes some days. The drink on my desk is a mocha Coffee made with substitute coffee so I'm not up all night long which doesn't really  mean anything really.

 Was watching Ash VS the evil dead. Made one of the evil dead he will kill eventually it looks like,  plus I love guts n gore and The Evil dead is over done tacky gore that makes you laugh I find.
So I'm still making new bees  and I will be turning them all into digital images I'm hoping this week. Also for those of you who use to see glass on my desk no more windows for a while it looks like My fingers like the break no more tiny little glass slivers to deal with for now
hugs Nikki
I'll visit as soon as I can